Milk Source LLC's Richfield Dairy allowed to move forward

In a decision issued September 4, Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Boldt removed a major obstacle to the construction of the Richfield Dairy by resolving challenges to two high capacity well permits and a WPDES permit. FULL STORY »

Southwest Dairy Day to offer look at modern dairy Oct. 8

Composting, irrigation, manure application demonstrations scheduled FULL STORY »

Calves with Sam: Young Calf Volume Settings for Computer Feeders

Remember the definition of a dilemma? It is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. FULL STORY »

CowCam highlights Cow Week at Modern Farmer

If you like cows (and who doesn’t?) you might want to head over to website for a magazine called Modern Farmer. We’ve followed their posts for several weeks now as a magazine for the new-age farmer with unique approaches to many agricultural experiences and truly “modern” takes on some age-old traditions. FULL STORY »

Retired coach Bobby Knight hits cow in Wyoming

You may remember now-retired Indiana and Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight having a cow on the court, in a press conference, or later as a color commentator. But on the night of August 22, he had a Wyoming cow on the grill of his SUV. FULL STORY »

Miner Institute: Advantages of GM corn in dairy crop rotations

Assuming similar findings, it would be advantageous for Northeast dairy producers to plant GM corn in a field that will be planted in corn the following year. FULL STORY »

Monday's CME Dairy Market Recap

A silent day in the spot cheese market sparked a buying frenzy in Class III futures as contracts settled 3 to 31 cents higher Sept - Jun 2015. FULL STORY »

I'll have a bunless burger with cheese, please

Low-fat, no-fat, green vegetables only, just eat ice cream, Jenny Craig, the 7 day juice fast, “I lost 75 pounds on NutriSystem!” Want to eat nothing but convenience store goodies like Twinkies and Oreos for two months? There’s a diet for that. FULL STORY »

Ag markets moved mostly lower Monday

Reduced frost risk undercut the crop markets Monday. The lack of action in the Black Sea region probably depressed the grain markets today, but the early revision to the weather forecast seems more important at this point. FULL STORY »

Ag markets moved mostly lower Monday morning

Reduced frost risk is undercutting the crop markets. The lack of action in the Black Sea region is probably depressing the grain markets Monday morning, but the early revision to the weather forecast seems more important at this point. FULL STORY »

Protocols on the dairy farm for beef quality

Dairymen should be cognizant of daily management practices that impact beef and dairy products reaching the public’s dinner plate and develop written protocols to minimize the risk of negatively impacting quality and safety. FULL STORY »

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