Move over, Dippin’ Dots! The new “food of the future” is here, and it’s already turning heads.

A 'froyo' first – frozen yogurt pearlsThis week, Stonyfield Farm announced it had teamed with WikiFoods Inc. to create a unique – and yummy – approach to frozen yogurt.

The product, called Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls, are made of “scoops of Stonyfield organic yogurt enveloped in scrumptious, all natural, edible skins --- like the skin of a grape --- that are hand-held, fun, and portion-controlled,” a news release said.

Flavors include peach and vanilla, banana and vanilla, and banana and chocolate. Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls will initially be sold at several Massachusetts Whole Foods stores.

The company continues, “Shoppers will be able to buy them either in pre-packed cellulose sacs made from wood fiber or over the counter at Wikibars, where they can be placed directly in shoppers’ bags, egg cartons, or in any container people bring in, for a plastic-free, waste-free treat.”

By using edible – and natural – skin, the hope is to someday eliminate the need for packaging, though for now the product is being sold in small, biodegradable cellulose bags until more retail spaces become equipped to sell them completely package-free.

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