Salmonella can cause significant disease in cattle, affecting animal health, milk yield, reproductive performance and feed efficiency. With the prevalence of Salmonella on the rise and bacteria easy to spread, you need to take steps now to help protect your herd.

Work with your veterinarian to discuss a Salmonella control plan that includes SALMONELLA NEWPORT BACTERIAL EXTRACT VACCINE** with SRP® technology. The SRP technology works to deprive the bacteria of the iron it needs to survive. Studies on the vaccine have shown:

  • 78% lower prevalence of Salmonella Newport in feces of cull cows going to harvest
  • 2.5 lb. increase in daily milk production in a herd with no signs of salmonellosis
  • 97% reduction in moderate to severe scours versus calves given a placebo

Visit to learn more about your dairy’s risk of Salmonella and ways to help control the disease. Management steps taken today can help improve Dairy Wellness tomorrow.

**This product license is conditional. Efficacy and potency test studies are in progress.