Editor’s Note: This DCHA Tip of the Week was funded by the Beef Checkoff.

Logan Bower of Pleasant View Farms in Blain, Pa., understands the importance of having a strong team around him when producing high-quality milk and beef for today's consumers. Recently Bower and his 550-cow dairy were recognized as the 2012 national Dairy BQA Award winners.

Along with the milking herd, Pleasant View Farms also raises 550-head of replacement heifers. Caring for their 1,100 animals is of high importance, so the checkoff-funded Dairy Animal Care & Quality Assurance (DACQA) guidelines fit with their management practices. Bower and his employees work hard every day to provide an ideal environment for their cows, including low-stress handling of their animals.

"I lead by example," says Bower. "How your people care for the animal is reflected not only by the quality of milk but also the quality of beef we produce. And here on Pleasant View Farms, we've learned the happier you make that animal the more productive and profitable you're going to be."

Hear more from Logan Bowers and how you can put DACQA to work for your operation at BQA.org.

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For more information on humane handling of replacement dairy heifers, refer to the DCHA Gold Standards III.