Many consumers aren't aware that milk costs just 25 cents per serving, and even fewer know that it takes just two days for the milk to go from the cow to the dairy aisle.

Thanks to an infographic from the Dairy Council of California, producers now have a new tool to use in educating consumers and clearing up any misunderstandings about America’s favorite natural beverage.

The graphic is colorful, fun and gets straight to the point of addressing common questions and concerns, such as explaining the different milk varieties, detailing the nutrients packed into just one cup of milk and the health benefits that can be obtained through consuming milk and dairy products.

Use it as a reference for questions or pass it along to consumers who are eager to learn more.

Click here to view the graphic.

And, here is the full version with links to a number of subject categories. Check out "dairy facts" and "milk myth-busters" under the Milk & Dairy tab.