Halloween and its ghosts and ghouls may be just around the corner, but the grim reaper is slated to put in an appearance Monday morning on a Green Bay, Wis.-area billboard. The twist is that this grim reaper wears a cheesehead hat and warns that cheese “Can sack your health”. 

The billboard will put in an appearance just in time for the next Green Bay Packer home game and is sponsored by the activist group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The group also reportedly sent a letter to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmidt requesting to "put a warning label on all high-fat cheesy foods served at Lambeau Field."

Schmidt told local television station WBAY that, "I think this is kind of silly. I think it's attacking something more for PR. There's so many other things people can be working on."

He also told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "We are going to protect and defend the cheese industry. We love our cheeseheads and we love our cheese."

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board takes issue with the message, notes the Green Bay Press-Gazette, contending the group behind it has ties with animal rights organizations. The milk board is nonprofit and is funded by dairy farmers to promote the state’s cheeses.

“Other national organizations, from the National Council Against Health Fraud, The American Council on Science and Heath and the American Medical Association have accused PCRM practices as irresponsible and potentially dangerous to the health and welfare of Americans,” Patrick Geoghegan, senior vice president of corporate communications, said Friday.

“Everything we talk about in terms of nutrition and dairy is scientifically based. We don’t play games with that, we take that very seriously and not all organizations do.”