The Deseret News reports a Utah dairy with an advanced milking parlor and methane digester is still dependant on the weather to run a successful operation.

Clint Wade is a fourth-generation farmer at Wadeland Dairy. His 50-rotary milking parlor uses computer-monitored ankle bracelets to track milk production and vital health information. Even with all of the technology on the farm, weather conditions remain a threat to his dairy.

Floodwaters have receded, leaving 300 acres of cropland soggy but 40 acres are still underwater and may not be planted this year. The rain has delayed planting by more than a month.

When the floodwaters first approached Wade’s farm, his priority was to protect the grain and minerals stored in the commodity sheds. The Wades buy more than 50 percent of their corn silage and 80 percent of their alfalfa from other farmers. Feed costs are substantial on the farm which houses 1,600 milk cows and more than 1,500 heifers.

Every year Wadeland Dairy is concerned with weather and prices. Clint’s father Blaine, who’s lived on the farm his whole life, is worried about both this year.

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Source: The Deseret News