Alaska health officials have confirmed that the campylobacter outbreak in the Kenai Peninsula is still increasing.

According to a report by KCTVA, 24 people have fallen ill with campylobacter infections after drinking raw milk from a local dairy. Two of the cases have required hospitalization. 

One of the confirmed cases is an infant, who contacted the infection after being in close contact with an infected adult.

Officials have traced the source of the raw milk outbreak to a cow share program on the Kenai Peninsula. 

Brian Yablon, a state epidemiologist, points that infections caused by contaminated raw milk are unavoidable.  

“The bottom line for any operation that is providing raw milk,” Yablon said, “[is] there's no way to make a sterile product… and that's why, from a public health perspective, we encourage people if they're going to drink milk, to just drink pasteurized milk.”

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The outbreak was initially announced in mid-February and updated a week later when the number of those sickened by the outbreak rose to 18.