A fire quickly spread across a New York dairy, killing between 13 to 15 animals.

According to the Wellsville (N.Y.) Daily, the fire erupted late Tuesday afternoon at Harold “Craig” Voss’ farm before quickly engulfing the entire barn.

“It was a very fast-moving fire. In 15 minutes after the tones went out, the whole place was engulfed. The roof was falling in already,” said County Office of Emergency Services Director and Fire Coordinator Jeff Luckey. “All the cattle were in the structure at the time. They were housed in the barn for protection from the weather. Craig and his family were able to save most of the cattle. They did lose a few cattle — maybe 13 or 15.”

“There were neighbors coming down and assisting with the cattle, trying to keep them a safe distance away. Some were injured. Some had slight burns on them,” Luckey said.

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