Two men are in police custody following a drug bust fit for a primetime television drama.

Fleeing suspect falls face-first in cow manureAccording to a Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff’s Office news release, two individuals suspected of transporting large quantities of marijuana led police on a high-speed police chase Sunday morning. 

After their getaway car went up in smoke near Maricopa, Ariz., one of the suspects fled into a feedyard at a nearby dairy where he learned the hard way never to mess with dairy workers or their animals.

The dairy worker tripped the suspect, who then fell face-first into cow manure. The commotion startled one of the dairy’s animals, who then stepped on the suspect.

The suspect was relatively unfazed and proceeded to punch the dairy worker before being taken into custody by deputies.  

Sheriff Paul Babeu praised the unnamed dairy worker, saying, "I want to thank the dairy worker for his bravery while helping us arrest a fleeing felon who obviously didn't care about anybody's safety but his own.”

The dairy worker transported himself to a local urgent care center for minor treatment. No animal was harmed in the incident.

Read the release here.

The community also applauded the worker on Babeu’s Facebook page, including:

 “Good job to the dairy farmer who tripped and restrained the fleeing coward.”

“Good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need more dairy farmers that will come to the aid of the deputies, and give that Cow some extra grain for the help.”

“Great job helping to catch these animals and kudo's to the cow who is more human than they are.”

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