Raw milk sales have been legal in Arkansas for less than a week, but officials are wasting no time in warning the public of potential risks associated with consuming raw dairy products.

"Raw milk is probably riskier to drink than probably any other raw food, primarily because with any others you can wash lettuce, apples and cantaloupe, with milk you have to accept it where it is," Dr. Glen Baker with the Arkansas Department of Health told KARK 4 News.

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Officials released a four-page informational sheet outlining the known risks of drinking raw milk, including symptoms of illnesses associated with the unpasteurized product, legal liability of sellers in the case of illness or fatalities following disease outbreaks, and state regulations.

“The safety of consuming raw milk is a controversial topic and is an issue that warrants further research by dairy farmers interested in selling raw milk and by people who are considering adding raw milk to their diets,” the information sheet advises.

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