Just when you thought you had seen it all, one Missouri dairy’s apple pie-flavored milk hits store shelves in time for America’s birthday.

Shatto Milk Co. of Osborn, Mo., has been known around the region for stretching the limit of flavored milk, but for its 10th anniversary, the dairy took it to the next level. So far, special edition flavors have included cherry chocolate and mint chocolate milk, and according to Fox4 News, the innovation hasn’t stopped there.

The latest, apple pie milk, is in honor of Independence Day.

“We are so excited. It’s apple pie milk for Independence Day. That’s what our logo says on the bottle for Independence Day,” Barbara Shatto, co-owner of Shatto Milk Co., told reporters.

As for the taste, one tester described it as tasting like “apple pie with a little bit of cream or ice cream on it with a hint of cinnamon.”

Read, “Shatto Milk releases limited apple pie flavored milk.”

Milk consumption has been declining since the 1970s, and some wonder whether if it’s too late to reverse the decline in milk consumption. Yet, flavored milk offers some opportunities to help reverse or at least slow that trend. 

"With white milk increasingly commoditized, flavored milk offers dairies the opportunity to provide value not only to consumers but to their bottom line," said Dennis Jonsson, president and CEO of Tetra Pak Group. "With the right flavors, portion sizing and formulation, flavored milk can meet a huge range of health, nutritional and lifestyle needs."

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