A video showing animal abuse on a Chilliwack dairy farm last Monday prompted a halt to milk pickups from the farm on Thursday. The British Columbia Milk Marketing Board (BCMMB) announced that its board halted milk pickups from the farm on Thursday, three days after a video showed abuse on the farm resulting in charges to eight employees.

BCMMB noted that the investigation was still ongoing and that animal welfare is not under their purview as a regulator, but made the decision to ensure it was satisfied that welfare issues were being address appropriately.

The farm, Chilliwack Cattle Sales, has 3,500 cows and operates near the town of Chilliwack, about 1 hour east of Vancouver and just a 15 mile drive to the closest U.S. border crossing – about 8 miles north of the U.S. border by air.

The B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also revealed that the same farm was in court in 2008 after six cows were injured during transport to slaughter, but cleared of all charges, reported the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The farm’s owners also run a processing plant, Pitt Meadows Meats, and that entity is still in a lawsuit over selling E. Coli tainted beef in 2010.

Since last week's incident, a change.org petition garnered over 90,000 signatures to boycott Saputo.

Milk sales commence

On Saturday, June 14, the BCMMB announced that normal milk pickup and delivery would continue at the farm, while simultaneously implementing additional monitoring, regulatory, surveillance, and veterinary care.

Source: British Columbia Milk Marketing Board