The iconic Indianapolis 500 is about a week away, and as the buzz surrounding the popular event grows louder, two Indiana dairymen and the winner’s bottle of ice, cold milk are ready for their close-up.  

WXIN News in Indianapolis, Ind., featured dairy farmers Ken Hoeing and Duane Hill who will continue the Indy 500 tradition of delivering a pint of milk to the winning driver.

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Behind the tradition: Indy 500 milkmen ready to deliverHill is a seasoned Indy 500 milkman veteran in what will be his second – and final – year at the race. The American Dairy Association of Indiana reports that Hill spent his rookie year in 2012 before being handed the “Sport World’s Coolest Prize” from Dave Forgey, the former Indy 500 milkman veteran.

He’ll retire at the end of the year, passing the torch to Hoeing.

“Never in my life when I was a little boy milking cows would I have thought about the privilege of handing milk to the winning driver at the Indianapolis 500,” Hill said. “Hard work and drive have always paid off in my life in some surprising ways.”

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