Spring is coming early thanks the creative minds behind Prairie Farms Dairy’s latest seasonal milk flavors.

The Illinois-based dairy announced three seasonal flavors of their Old Recipe milk, including favorites Chocolate Marshmallow and Easter Egg Nog. The dairy has also added a new flavor sure to raise many eyebrows and pique plenty of interest – jelly bean.

“Consumers are looking for new and exciting flavors of milk. Old Recipe Seasonal Favorites put a new twist on Easter’s favorite candy flavors – Jellybean and Chocolate Marshmallow by combining real milk with just the right amount of flavoring to create tasty, fun treats that also provide essential nutrients like protein and calcium,” Rebecca Leinenbach, Sales Program Director for Prairie Farms Dairy, said in a news release. “Our newest flavor creations capture the essence of spring and are sure to become family favorites for years to come!”

Unique flavors, such as Prairie Farms Dairy’s jelly bean milk or Missouri-based Shatto Dairy’s apple pie milk, have helped make milk more appealing. And with milk consumption on a steady decline, these innovative flavors make kids and adults alike eager to take a sip.

As one Dairy Herd Management commentary pointed, we need Hamdi Ulukaya-like passion for fluid milk. Ulukaya, founder and president of Chobani, Inc., is passionate about growing the yogurt category, and we need a similar passion to grow the fluid milk category. Read more here.