Greek yogurt may have earned New York the title of “yogurt capital” of the country, but it is also helping the state harness energy through an unlikely product – whey.

New York is home to many Greek yogurt giants, including Fage and Chobani. These companies continue to increase production to meet a growing demand from hungry consumers, and with an increase in Greek yogurt is an increase in whey.

The Associated Press reports that now yogurt companies are turning an old problem into a new solution.

Instead of sending whey back to farmers to be used as feed and fertilizer, it is now being piped into anaerobic digesters at local wastewater treatment plants. Considering it takes 4 gallons of milk to make 1 gallon of yogurt, the whey power turns into a win-win solution for everyone involved.

"It certainly is a cost-effective way of using whey," Fage spokesman Russell Evans said.

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