Imagine a country with over a million small dairy farmers, but no system to properly transport 80% of the milk. You don’t need an imagination, because Kenya is just that, according to Supply Management.

Bill Gates’ new milk can helps organize Africa’s milk supplyTo help situations like Kenya, Global Good was formed. Global Good is a partnership between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures. The initiative developed a new container to aid in the transportation and storing of milk. The container looks like a futuristic version of the traditional milk can, with enough room for a small farm's daily milk and a container less likely to tip.

The new can is called the Mazzi. A recent Global Good release explains the invention:

“The result is a durable 10-liter container designed specifically to help reduce costly spillage and spoilage. Farmers milk directly into the container, whose detachable black funnel helps to identify signs of a cow’s udder infections, limit contaminants and prevent spillage if the container is tipped over. This better enables farmers to milk using both hands, which increases the yield from the cow. The attached lid is then secured onto the container, which itself is stackable for easy transport from the farm to collection centers that purchase milk. Once emptied, the food-grade plastic container can be easily cleaned thanks to an extra-wide opening and a fully-accessible interior.”