ST. LOUIS – With current improved trace mineral technology, dairy producers can worry less about mineral content in manure going into the environment, which is a growing issue. When using more efficient trace minerals, dairy producers can feed less mineral product and have less mineral waste through loss in excretion without sacrificing performance expectations.

Utilizing improved mineral technologies, Novus International Inc. is introducing the BioOptimizedSM Trace Minerals Program. With greater bioavailability, BioOptimized trace minerals from Novus are more effective at mineral delivery. Therefore, Novus proposes a three-step plan for dairy producers to use less mineral: Reduce, Replace, Reformulate.

“The industry standard is to add more minerals to the diet to see more results,” says Geoff Zanton, Ruminant Nutrition Research Manager with Novus. “The best way to improve trace mineral performance is to get more use out of the mineral that’s being fed. Producers just need to meet the animal’s mineral requirement. The feeding of more bioavailable mineral sources at lower levels provides the same production responses and more efficiency.”

Novus is a global developer of nutrition products for better human and animal health. Its research team is committed to making dairy production more efficient and profitable. The BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program includes two product options: MINTREX® chelated trace minerals and MAAC® chelated trace minerals. Both are minerals that have the ideal ligand (or binder) for better bioavailability and greater results.

“In addition to optimized mineral delivery, BioOptimized trace minerals from Novus support reproductive efficiency, mammary gland integrity and oxidative balance,” says Stephanie Gable, Global Marketing Manager with Novus. “These are results you should expect from trace minerals. The distinction is that with the BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program, you can see those results with less product. For the dairy industry, that means better, more efficient production.”

What separates Novus trace minerals from other mineral sources?
Distinct from other trace mineral products on the market, Novus trace minerals are chemically and structurally defined chelates with the right ligand. Many other mineral sources aren’t stable at low pH levels and release the minerals in the upper GI tract. If released too soon, these minerals are prone to absorption by antagonists, which leads to loss through excretion.

MINTREX and MAAC are chelated trace minerals optimized for mineral delivery. The trace minerals are protected from release and from antagonists in the upper GI tract while still available for absorption in the small intestine. Because MINTREX and MAAC have higher bioavailability, dairy producers can feed less mineral but with more consistent performance than with other inorganic, non-chelated trace minerals.

The efficiency of the BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program was supported by research completed on a dairy farm in Auburn, N.Y. More than 100 cows were fed diets supplemented with commercial levels of inorganic trace minerals. Another 108 cows were fed diets supplemented with MINTREX at half the levels of the inorganic trace minerals.

“The production performance was very similar between the groups of cows fed inorganic trace minerals and the cows supplemented with MINTREX at half the rate,” says Zanton. “Milk yield, fat and protein percentage were consistent. Reproduction and somatic cell counts improved with the MINTREX program.”

Revolutionize your mineral approach.
Dairy producers can integrate a more efficient trace mineral program in their operations through three steps:
1. Reduce current inclusion levels of inorganic trace minerals.
2. Replace minerals with Novus BioOptimized Trace Minerals: MINTREX or MAAC.
3. Reformulate rations based on the greater bioavailability of BioOptimized Trace Minerals.

“The BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program is designed to provide the animal with the right amount of trace minerals without the waste,” explains Gable. “In addition to providing a solution to overfeeding minerals, the BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program offers flexibility. For dairy producers who value the effect of methionine on protein synthesis in their herds, they can choose MINTREX. If solubility is more important, MAAC is the right fit.”

To experience how less is really more with the Novus BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program, dairy producers should contact their nutritionist or a Novus representative. Learn more about BioOptimized Trace Minerals by visiting

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