Several deadly barn fires have been reported in Wisconsin over the past five days.

On Friday, a barn fire in Manitowoc County killed three cows, according to WTAQ radio. Read more.

Sunday, a fire in Marathon County also killed three cows. Read more.

Last Wednesday evening, a barn fire killed 75 cows at a dairy farm in Brown County, Wis., with the likelihood that more will have to be euthanized after sustaining injuries and smoke inhalation.

Wednesday's fire occurred at Dairyland Farm in New Franken, Wis., according to a report from Fox11 Online. Firefighters faced the task of battling the fire in a barn with nearly 1,000 cattle inside.

The dairy normally houses 2,000 cows among five buildings on the farm.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire, but the losses continue to mount. Seventy-five cows were killed by the inferno, and 200 to 300 more will likely need to be euthanized due to sustained injuries and smoke inhalation.

Scott Ruetten is a dairy veterinarian at nearby De Pere Veterinary Service, and though he didn’t treat any of the Dairyland cows, Ruetten provided insight to the impact of the injuries sustained by the fire.

“If it's real heavy smoke, they can't take much at all,” Ruetten told Fox11. “Cows’ lung capacity compared to their body size isn't what you would expect.”

Ruetten also would expect treatment of the cows to be ongoing.

“You'll have after-effects that will be seen weeks down the road, and they'll probably lose more animals than they've lost to this point,” said Ruetten.

The total cost of the damage and the cause of the fire are currently unknown. Officials have valued the cows at $2,000 per head. In addition, the barn, which was under construction at the time and partially destroyed in the fire, was worth approximately $3 million.