What does a cow do when she’s bored and craving attention? For one Colorado Holstein, she visits the drive-thru at a local McDonald’s, and it’s not to order the “McAlfalfa.”

According to 9News, employees and customers at the Brush, Colo., McDonald’s were treated to the unusual visitor when Darcy became bored. Owner Sandy Winn and her son Zach explained that though Darcy is normally a good cow, when she’s bored, she will do anything to get attention – including escaping from her pen.

"She  can be stubborn, but she can also be sweet," Zach Winn told a 9News reporter.

The Winns weren’t aware of their bovine escapee until police called the family asking if they owned a dairy cow. The dispatcher then informed the family where their beloved Holstein had gone – McDonald’s. 

Darcy was eventually rounded up and returned to her home, and now she has become the center of attention of media across the country, including The Associated Press.

The family was not fined for Darcy’s outing.