Farm living just wasn’t cutting it for one group of Wisconsin Holsteins that decided to wander a ways and enter someone's home. 

According to WSAW NewsChannel 7, a dozen Holsteins walked one to two miles from their farm in Elderon, Wis., before breaking into and entering the garage of a family home in Marathon County.

In addition to destroying a door, the home owners reported that the animals made themselves at home, turning on lights and opening the overhead garage door.

The cows have since been returned to their country home, and though homeowners are now left to clean up after their bovine guests, they “don't have a beef with the cows.”  

Read, “Cows Mooove into Neighbor's Garage, Turn on Lights, Open Door.”

The news story quickly became a sensation on the station’s Facebook page, drawing more than 130 comments. NewsChannel 7 used the event to brag about Wisconsin’s dairy cows, boasting, “I'd like to see a California cow try this!”

This isn’t the first time a Holstein has found her way to an interesting location. Last year, a Colorado Holstein named Darcy visited the drive-thru of a local McDonald’s. Read more here.