Milk consumption among Americans may be continuing to steadily decline, but butter consumption is proving to reign as a consumer favorite.

According to the Milwaukee (Wis.) Journal Sentinel, Americans love butter, and that’s good news for the country’s dairy producers.

Americans ate 5.6 pounds of butter per capita in 2012, the highest rate in 40 years.  Americans have increased their butter intake by 24 percent over the last decade alone.

"The last five years, butter has really taken off," said Peter Vitaliano, chief economist for the National Milk Producers Federation. "A strong butter market is very good news for all producers,” he added.

Some of the increase can be attributed to a shift in consumer preference away from

Butter Facts

processed foods with artificial ingredients and trans fats.

"Butter is as natural as you can get," Trevor Wuethrich, a vice president at Grassland Dairy Products Inc. said. "It's cream and salt."

Read, “U.S. butter consumption reaches highest level in 40 years.”

Last year, butter dominated in the dairy aisle with sales surpassing those of margarine, spreads and butter blends.
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