A YouTube channel launched by the Center for Food Integrity takes viewers inside farms showing the work, technology and personality of farmers and ranchers across the country.

The channel, “Meet America’s Farmers,” shares stories from a variety of farms with consumers. It is intended to show consumers the commitment of today’s farmers to raising safe, healthy and affordable food.

One of videos features Rita Vander Kooi, a Minnesota dairy farmer, who explains her philosophy of farming. 

"We love the cows, we love taking care of them," Vander Kooi says.

“One of the advantages of having a slightly larger dairy is that we’re able to incorporate new technology," which is used to keep track of the cows' health and production, she adds.

Research shows consumers want more information about the origins of their food. As consumers know more about their food, they become more confident and trusting of today’s farmers. CFI hopes more farmers will add to the 146 videos already listed on the channel.

Those interested in contributing videos to the “Meet America’s Farmers” YouTube channel can contact Mark Crouser at Mark.Crouser@foodintegrity.org.

CFI has also written guidelines to provide farmers with criteria for developing their own videos, which can be found on CFI’s Farmer Resource Center (www.cfiengage.com). CFI will also furnish flip cameras and support to individual farmers interested in shooting their own videos.