The Calf to Calf program offers producers a 12 month 0 percent financing option which provides the complete Track a))) Cow™ electronic heat detection system (including the new Feed-O-Meter™ tags) and two free blood pregnancy tests per animal.

By implementing the Track a))) Cow™ system producers are able to monitor cow activity to breed cows as they come into “heat”. They then can confirm pregnancy with the two FREE blood pregnancy tests.  The pregnancy test results are reported quickly back to the producer and their Veterinarian.

By combining these advanced reproduction tools with a 12 month, 0 percent financing program, Calf to Calf™ limits the impact on a producer’s cash flow. 

“The drought last year and the rains this year have stretched the cash flow of many producers. Calf to Calf™ is a program aimed at limiting impact of cash-on-hand for producers so they can continue to advance their operation’s pregnancy rates,” said Dan Ellsworth, President of ANIMART.

Electronic monitoring of cows can reduce labor, increase pregnancy rates and decrease the need for hormone treatment. Track a))) Cow™ delivers frequent, real-time data transfer providing the producer timely and actionable information.

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