A recall of raw dairy products from Organic Pastures Dairy in Fresno County, Calif., has been issued following a positive confirmation of campylobacter bacteria in the dairy’s raw cream.

California Department of Public Health officials have reportedly identified at least 10 people with campylobacter infection who said they consumed Organic Pastures raw milk before their illness.

According to the Fresno Bee, six of the 10 people are under the age of 18, including a nine-month-old infant. No one has been hospitalized.

Mark McAfee, owner of Organic Pastures Dairy, disagrees with the state’s findings. McAfee believes the test results are incorrect and has asked for a hearing with the state Department of Food and Agriculture. He is reportedly outraged at the recall and points that it will cost his dairy around $100,000.

"They find a needle in a haystack and they take it up the hill -- it is just outrageous," McAfee told the Fresno Bee. "That is why we need to have Senate meetings to change the way raw milk is treated. The way we have been treated is disingenuous and misleading."

McAfee stands by his products and does not agree that the illnesses came from his dairy, noting that his dairy tests its products 12 times a day. All of the tests came back negative, he said.

"It really got me upset for them to say that there were 10 illnesses when there were zero," he said. "We have been totally singled out and picked on, and we don't even have one person in the hospital."

Despite his objections, McAfee has cooperated with state officials.

This is the second outbreak connected to the dairy’s raw dairy products in the last six months and the third recall since 2006. Last November, an E.coli outbreak was connected to the dairy. Three children were sent to the hospital.