What should be our goal for level of bacteria in pasteurized waste milk for preweaned dairy calves?  Zero? 100,000 cfu/ml?  

In his presentation, "Calf Raising - A Systematic Approach to Health," Dr. Simon Peek (Univ. Wisc. School of Vet. Med.) listed several goals for bacterial quality control.

These goals are:                                                   

Goals (cfu/ml)
 Sample Type
Total Bacterial Count Total Coliform Count Total E. coli Count 
Colostrum         <100,000 <10,000    <1,000
Waste milk <500,000  <200,000 <1,000
Pasteurized <20,000  <1,000  <100
Waste Milk Milk Replacer <10,000 <1,000   0 

In my consulting practice I use somewhat more conservative goals that I have identified as associated with superior calf health.

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