New York’s dairy industry may be growing, but a proposal by the Canadian government could limit how much of the state’s dairy products makes it across the border.

A proposed tariff could further restrict imports from the U.S. 

"This sort of lopsided tariff could choke off a huge market," says U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) "Given that the dairy industry is becoming more and more reliant on the growing global market, a level playing field is a necessity. And that's all we want, a level playing field.”

Meanwhile, New York’s dairy farmers are anxious to find more markets for their products.

"Foreign markets, as a total, have become crucial to the dairy industry," dairy farmer Eric Zuber told Your News Now. "There's a lot of opportunities, particularly offshore. But these countries are always putting up barriers."

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The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that New Zealand’s trade policy makes it difficult to import U.S. dairy products, but that is something that Schumer hopes to lessen.

“There’s so much progress going on that our federal government needs to do everything in its power to remove roadblocks to competitive trade, so these good products can be traded freely,” Schumer said.

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