There are new stands in place for Chinese dairy products as officials work to regain consumer trust by addressing food safety concerns.

According to the China-based People’s Daily Online, the Chinese government has completed its overhaul of dairy standards and strengthened standards including food contaminants, fungal toxins, food additives and food labels.

The initial plan to upgrade the country’s food safety regulations was released in June 2012. At the time, officials said that the five-year plan would improve the national food safety standards. Click here to read more.

While this overhaul may help consumers regain a taste for Chinese dairy products, there is still a long way to go. Even as milk production in the country is expected to reach 50 million tons by 2015, analysts are concerned that some dairy products may experience poor sales as safety-related dairy scandals continue to spook the public.

Instead, many Chinese citizens are turning to imported products, such as milk powder, to satisfy their dairy needs.