A growing trend of Chinese companies using product placement in American TV shows and movies includes a dairy product on the CBS show “The Big Bang Theory.”

Chinese milk uses product placement on U.S. TV showA carton of Shuhua milk appears in the home of two leading characters in the show. It fits in with the context of the show, as one of the leading characters is lactose-intolerant and Shuhua brands itself as an effective option for those sensitive to dairy products.

It's a new marketing tactic to place Chinese products in American TV shows and movies. The idea is to reach Chinese people who happen to be fans of the entertainment. 

In addition to its appearance on “The Big Bang Theory,” Shuhua milk appeared in "Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon" with a character’s one-liner, “Let me finish my Shuhua milk."

The strategy seems to be working. Sales of Shuhua milk grew 12 percent year-on-year during the time the "Transformers" movie was released in China, according to China Daily.