Chobani’s Idaho plant, already the world’s largest, is about to get larger…a lot larger.

According to the Twin Falls (Idaho) Times-News, the Greek yogurt giant’s $3.54 million expansion will add to packing and filling rooms at its Twin Falls-based plant and has been approved by the city.

Mitch Humble, the city’s community development director, explained that the 27,568-square-foot expansion won’t increase production. Instead it will reduce downtime during cleaning.

The expansion, “which is small in Chobani terms,” he said, “will make room for a couple more lines of filling equipment.”

The plant reached optimal capacity in December, achieved in less than a year. It now produces more than 1 million cases of Greek yogurt each week.

In addition to Chobani’s plant expansion, the company also won city approval last month to add a 10,000-square-foot area for office and employee trailers.

“Ongoing expansion in our plants support continued growth and rising demand for Chobani, enabling us to provide better food for more people across the country,” Chobani’s said in a statement.

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