Chobani’s Greek yogurt may dominate the U.S. market, but the same can’t be said across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom. In March, a British court ruled that Chobani could not market its “Greek yogurt” in the UK unless the yogurt was actually made in Greece.

Though Chobani’s yogurt may not be Greek enough to legally be called “Greek yogurt,” the company is back in the UK with “strained” yogurt instead.

However, this work-around may be temporary, according to a report by the Food Navigator.

The company was granted an appeal to the March ruling, which is scheduled to take place in September. It sticks by its position that “the term ‘Greek yoghurt’ describes yoghurt that has been crafted using a straining process. It is this straining process, not a country of origin, that removes the access liquid from the yoghurt, making it deliciously thick and cream.”

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