Commentary: Telling ‘the’ story or telling ‘a’ story?

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Does it bother anyone but me that a major restaurant chain is using made-up themes, complete with scripts, to attack agriculture? Such is the case with Chipotle, a company that has made attacking farmers and ranchers a part of their marketing strategy.

Cartoon scarecrows and exploding cows abound in their online fantasy land. This somehow proves that modern agriculture is a “bad thing?” I guess it’s funny in a mean-spirited kind of way. That’s the thing about a script. It can turn out however you like.

Reality has no script. Serious people deal with reality. Unserious people write a script they like better.

Now Chipotle is serving food that is probably tasty, though I will never know since it is now a matter of principle that I don’t eat there. Certainly, there are not many things on the Chipotle menu any healthier than McDonald’s.  My friend Chuck Jolley, at my request, did a comparison.

My mother used to ask me, when my explanations of a calamity sounded suspicious, “Are you telling me a story?” In other words, “Are you lying to me?” Well, there’s lying and then there’s a particularly despicable kind of marketing. Neither is honest.

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February, 07, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Chipotle's products cannot stand on their own merit so they bash good, safe, abundant affordable normal food in a lame attempt to make their schlock seem different somehow. Sad commentary on the foodie movement that they are responsive only to negative attack ads. Their stuff obviously is no better than average, maybe even worse - certainly more expensive so to slip it past the gullible public just distract them with a little slanderous diversion. Real nice caring folks, those foodies.

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