You know that a comprehensive dry cow program helps set cows up for success in the next lactation. But you may be on the fence about your return on investment. New research is now putting a dollar figure on the economic success of quality dry cow programs.

ROI highlights:

  • The details: A series of four studies investigated the economic impacts of a dry cow treatment regimen including SPECTRAMAST® DC (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension and ORBESEAL® and compared alternative regimens1-4
  • The right tools: In all four studies, the net financial returns were greater for cows that received SPECTRAMAST DC and ORBESEAL at dry off
  • Your profits: By using the two products together, you can save about $21 per cow even after you account for the cost of the treatments
  • Another advantage: SPECTRAMAST DC also offers no milk discard upon calving, allowing fresh cows to immediately enter the milking herd

Don’t forget to round out your dry cow program with an Escherichia coli (E. coli) mastitis vaccine. Adding ENVIRACOR™ J-5 to your dry off routine could bring up to $57 in income per cow per lactation.5

Important Safety Information for SPECTRAMAST DC: Inappropriate dosage or treatment intervals with SPECTRAMAST DC and/or failure to complete a minimum dry cow period (30 days) may result in violative milk residues. In cows completing a 30-day dry cow period, no milk discard is necessary. Following treatment with SPECTRAMAST DC, a 16-day pre-slaughter withdrawal is required. SPECTRAMAST DC should not be used in animals found to be hypersensitive to the product.

Refer to the ORBESEAL label for complete instructions on proper administration at dry off and removal at freshening.

Full prescribing information for SPECTRAMAST DC


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