A bill with unintended consequences of removing chocolate milk from schools will not be signed by Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, his communications director announced in a press release.

In an effort to make “minor revisions” to education statutes, Connecticut’s state legislators included provisions in House Bill 5566 to only allow “Low-fat milk or skimmed milk that may be flavored but contains no artificial sweeteners, nonnutritive sweetening agents, sugar alcohols, added sodium and no more than four grams of sugar per ounce.” The bill also sets parameters for nondairy (soy or rice) milk, juices, beverages, and water, and further delves into school audits, tax law, and turning around underperforming schools.

The “added sodium” stipulation would rule out chocolate milk from school lunchrooms. That ban is something that Governor Malloy does not support, said Andrew Doba, director of communications for the governor.

The bill would ban added sodium in milk on July 1 if it were signed by the governor. The bill passed 36-0 out of the state senate and 144-0, with 7 abstaining, from the state’s house.

Source: FoxNews