In an exciting finish to the National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest, Cornell University gets the nod over Virginia Tech in an unprecedented tie for first. The tie was broken by reasons scores and resulted in Cornell reigning supreme. Carissa Levash of UW-Madison claimed the individual overall title.  Michigan State won the team reasons competition and Caitlin Durow from University of Minnesota won the individual reasons competition. Rounding out the top five teams overall were: Penn State, third; UW-Madison, fourth; and University of Minnesota, fifth. Twenty-one teams competed in this year’s contest.  Teams and individuals receiving recognition are:

Top 10 Teams Overall

1.   Cornell University; 2,485; coached by David Galton

                Team members included Kelly Lee, Tyler Reynolds, Richard Hall III and Matthew Sharpe

2.   Virginia Tech; 2,485; coached by Barnes and Knowlton

                Team members included Carissa Doody, Cody Pearson, Austin Schwartzbeck and Jason Zimmerman

3.   Penn State; 2,457; coached by Dale Olver

                Team members included Philip Bachman, Sara Bechtel, Nathan Oleniacz and Hannah Wentworth

4.   UW-Madison; 2,454; coached by Chad Wethal and Brian Kelroy

                Team members included Laura Elliott, Chelsea Bradner, Danielle Brown and Carissa Levash

5.   University of Minnesota; 2,447; coached by Les Hansen

                Team members included Emily Achen, Karen Anderson, Caitlin Durow and Elizabeth Olson

6.   Michigan State; 2,441; coached by Joe Domeco

                Team members included Eric Sneller, Lauren Bush, Tera Koebel and Katie Arndt

7.   Ohio State University; 2,409; coached by Ayars and Heisner

                Team members included Derik Baumer, Matthew Borchers, Rachel Foureman and Sabrina Eick

8.   UW-Plattville; 2,391; coached by Cory and Ryan Weigel

                Team members included Krysty Kepler, Stephanie Aves, Adam Sonnenburg and Loren Daentl

9.   University of Illinios; 2,386; coached by Gene McCoy

                Team members included Amy Schaufelberger, Michelle Fluty and Paul Schumacher

10.   Cal Poly; 2,385; coached by Stan Henderson

                Team members included Kelli Carstensen, Mandy Brazil, Sam Cheda and Alina Amaral

Top 10 Individuals Overall

1.   Carissa Levash, 840, UW-Madison

2.   Caitlin Durow, 839, University of Minnesota

3.   Carissa Doody, 837, Virginia Tech

4.   Kelly Lee, 835, Cornell University

5.   Richard Hall, III, 835, Cornell University

6.   Katie Arndt, 828, Michigan State

7.   Matt Mitchell, 825, University of Tennessee

8.   Jason Zimmerman, 824, Virginia Tech

9.   Austin Schwartzbeck, 824, Virginia Tech

10.  Nathan Oleniacz, 823, Penn State


Top 10 Teams Reasons

1.   Michigan State, 826, coached by Joe Domecq

2.   University of Minnesota, 822, coached by Les Hansen

3.   Cornell University, 820, coached by David Galton

4.   UW-Madison, 817, coached by Chad Wethal and Brian Kelroy

5.   Virginia Tech, 808, coached by Barnes and Knowlton

6.   Penn State, 797, coached by Dale Olver

7.   Cal Poly, 793, coached by Stan Henderson

8.   University of Illinios, 789, coached by Gene McCoy

9.   UW-River Falls, 777, coached by Steve Kelm

10. University of Tennessee, 775, coached by Jeff Mitchell


Top 10 Individual Reasons

1.   Caitlin Durow, 285, University of Minnesota

2.   Matt Mitchell, 283, University of Tennessee

3.   Tera Koebel, 280, Michigan State

4.   Carissa Levash, 279, UW-Madison

5.   Kelly Lee, 276, Cornell University

6.   Tyler Reynolds, 274, Cornell University

7.   Philip Bachman, 274, Penn State

8.   Carissa Doody, 273, Virginia Tech

9.   Katie Arndt, 273, Michigan State

10. Lauren Bush, 273, Michigan State

Generous support from sponsors makes the 91st Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest possible. In 2011, sponsors include: Accelerated Genetics, American Guernsey Association, American Jersey Cattle Association, American Livestock Insurance Co., American Milking Shorthorn Society, Ayrshire Breeders Association, Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association, Friends of Dr. Dave Dickson, Hoard's Dairyman, Holstein Association USA, International Protein Sires, Kuhn North America, Inc., Lakeshore Federated Dairy Cooperative, Land of Living, Land O'Lakes, National Dairy Shrine, Orion Energy Systems, Red & White Dairy Cattle Association, Select Sires, Inc., Sexing Technologies, Westway Feed Products and World Dairy Expo.

Source: World Dairy Expo