reports the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board decided to end a battle over a measure that would have given state dairy producers more money through a milk-premium payment system.

The measure, Order A-968, was approved by the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board last June but could not pass the federal court system. The measure would have shared an estimated $6.7 million among more than 7,000 Pennsylvania dairy producers each year.

The marketing board chose not to continue the legal battle, citing a measure in Massachusetts turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Legal fees used to fight litigation would have also been a significant burden to the marketing board.

Even as the court fight ends, Sen. Mike Brubaker, R-Lancaster County, has introduced new legislation to help dairy producers receive more from the milk-premium payment system.  Brubaker's measure, would direct more of the 27-cent over-order premium consumers pay on each gallon of milk to a new producer settlement fund.

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