Those of us who grew up on North American dairy farms often hold a high regard for veterinarians. The feeling is likely not any different in Israel, where veterinarians are rushing into areas recently destroyed by missiles to aid injured cattle.

The story comes from Arutz Sheva,, where a farm near the town of Kibbutz Nirim had 90 animals outside next to the dairy barn (likely the milking parlor). Six cows died immediately, and 40 are still in bad shape but under the care of a veterinarian who rushed to aid the injured animals.

Herd manager Marcello Waser told Arutz Sheva he heard sirens at 4:00 p.m. and shortly after a shell hit about 15 meters away from him.

Israel has 124,000 cows on 950 farms, according to the Israeli Dairy Board website. The nation's herd average of 25,807 pounds of milk per cow per year (11,706 kilgrams), the highest national average in the world.

Source: Arutz Sheva