The Wisconsin Dairy Business Association (DBA) has named Timothy J. Trotter as its new Executive Director of Business Affairs.

Trotter, who most recently served as manager of strategic planning for DuPage County, Ill., brings more than 23 years of agriculture and leadership experience to the role. He will assume the post September 1st.

“Tim is an ideal fit for our organization,” said Jerry Meissner, president of the DBA Board of Directors. “His background in agriculture is extensive, and his leadership skills are surpassed only by his passion for the industry. He understands the issues underpinning environmental sustainability, responsibility and economic viability.”

Trotter previously served as president and chairman of the board for the National Corn Growers Association, based in St. Louis, Mo., as well as the same positions for the Association for Strategic Planning in Princeton, N.J. Trotter also will draw upon his experiences as the chief executive officer for Farmers Premium Produce, as well as the owner of Trotter Aker Farm, both based in Illinois.

“I was born on a dairy farm and began my career in agriculture, managing a large family farming operation and also serving Illinois and National Corn Growers Associations in many roles, including president,” Trotter said. “Then, and now, it is my belief that every day we must do everything humanly possible to advance American agriculture’s role in feeding the world’s growing population.”

Trotter will work alongside DBA Director of Dairy Policy Laurie Fischer to promote the growth and success of all Wisconsin dairy farms by actively encouraging the growth and modernization of all types of farming: large or small, traditional or modern.

The Dairy Business Association of Wisconsin is a statewide organization of dairy producers, vendors, allied industry partners, and professionals actively working to assure that dairy producers, large and small, remain an active, thriving part of Wisconsin’s economy, communities, and food chain. DBA is dedicated to being proactive in helping to create and protect consistent water, environmental and waste management regulation.

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