Now a Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) subsidiary, St. Paul, Minn., based Kemps is on its fourth owner in 15 years. At 100 years old this month, the business has over 1,200 employees and over $800 million in sales. Like most milk processors, their fluid sales are down and ice cream is flat. But sales overall keep growing – with a big jump in frozen yogurt.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Kemps is now an “autonomous business” within DFA, which bought the business from HP Hood in 2011. Hood owned Kemps since 2004.

Kemps is the market leader for milk, ice cream, and frozen ice cream novelties in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and top for ice cream and milk in Milwaukee, according to IRI data.

Kemps trails only Ben & Jerry’s in frozen yogurt market share, with 10.53 percent of the market versus Ben & Jerry’s 14.9 percent. Up a full percentage point in fro-yo sales, it’s the company’s big bet on growth for the future.

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Kemps' 100th Anniversary Mobile 'Mooseum' Touring Minnesota & Wisconsin


Move over Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, step aside Hershey’s Kissmobile -- the Kemps 100th Anniversary Mobile “Moooseum” is rolling across Minnesota and Wisconsin!

Created to celebrate St. Paul-based Kemps’ 100th Anniversary year, the new Kemps Moooseum – built inside a 53-foot-long semi-trailer filled with Kemps memorabilia and surprises – invites visitors to step back in time and see a 1940s-era, fully-functional stainless-steel soda shop fountain helmed by a costumed “soda jerk.” Other features of the Kemps Moooseum:

• An interactive Incredible Milking Cow station where families can milk the rubber udders of a simulated Kemps cow, as it “mooos” contentedly.
• Free samples of Kemps’ newest ice cream flavors.
• Four interactive “Guess The Ice Cream Flavor” games and iPad-based Cow Art Gallery that enables you to digitally transform cows into disco-dancing divas.
• The opportunity to take your family’s picture next to the Kemps Cow Car, a bright red Volkswagon bug with a custom-fabricated, 100-pound, 3-foot-tall Kemps cow erupting from its back window.
• Flat-panel multi-media TV wall playing scenes from Kemps history.
• A “From Farm To Freezer” Wall, which takes consumers behind-the-scenes to reveal how ice cream is made at Kemps’ Rochester plant.
• A life size ice cream freezer door that surprises guests by spraying compressed cold air toward them when opened.

“Think of the Kemps Mobile Moooseum as a family-friendly blend of fun hands-on activities, colorful displays and a walk through ice cream history, all celebrating 100 years of delicious dairy goodness at Kemps,” says Rachel Kyllo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kemps. “Our Moooseum chronicles the growth of Kemps from a small creamery in southeastern Minnesota back in 1914 to the Kemps of today, which is now part of Dairy Farmers of America, the largest farmer-owned dairy cooperative in the US, with more than 9,000 dairy farmers.”

“The Moooseum honors the dairy history of Minnesota and Wisconsin, the 1,126 employees of Kemps who are dedicated to nourishing our communities, and anyone who loves the wholesome taste of ice cream, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and milk,” adds Kyllo. “Plus, the Moooseum is going to be just a heck of a lot of fun to explore!”

The Kemps Moooseum will be making stops at major supermarkets and fairs, along with appearances at the Saint Paul Saints stadium, festivals including Taste of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Fair, Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth and other events across Wisconsin and Minnesota. To find out when the Kemps Mobile Moooseum is coming to your neighborhood, visit the KempsCows Facebook page at


Kemps attempts to set Guinness World Record at Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival

On June 28, Kemps will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for Largest Ice Cream Scoop during the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival, just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- as part of Kemps’ 100 Year Anniversary celebration.

Working with nationally-ranked snow sculptors from Big Snow, Kemps will shape over 2,000 pounds of strawberry ice cream -- kept frozen at 20-degrees below zero -- until the Scoop is revealed at the Festival, at the stroke of noon.

The following are available for download:

Kemps also will provide a blend of activities leading up to its World Record attempt, including ice cream eating contests and the Milwaukee-area premier of Kemps’ mobile Moooseum — a 53-foot long semi-trailer packed with interactive, family-friendly exhibits.

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