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Butter Grade AA




CWT assists with 3.2 million lbs. of cheese export sales

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) accepted 6 requests for export assistance from Dairy Farmers of America and Tillamook County Creamery Association to sell 3.166 million lbs. of cheddar cheese to customers in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the South Pacific. The product will be delivered May through September 2014.

Year-to-date, CWT has assisted member cooperatives in selling 50.369 million lbs. of cheese, 42.085 million lbs. of butter and 7.809 million lbs. of whole milk powder to 33 countries on six continents. These sales are the equivalent of 1.469 billion lbs. of milk on a milkfat basis.


Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. awards scholarships

Twenty-nine students demonstrating community involvement, academic performance and financial need will each receive a scholarship toward their higher education through Hilmar Cheese Company’s 11th annual scholarship program.

The scholarship program has three categories: children of Hilmar employees; children of the dairy farm families who ship milk to Hilmar; and students with an agricultural major living in the counties where the company is located (Merced and Stanislaus counties in California, or Dallam and Hartley counties in Texas).

Thirteen children of Hilmar employees will receive scholarships. Graduating high school seniors awarded $1,500 include Mary Belgira, Kaleb Lehman, Erika Moreno and Taylor Silva. Shiloh Beard, Audra Chase, Valerie Ewing, Amanda Morales, Lance Real and Keaton Stengel will each receive $1,000. Current college students awarded $1,000 are Lindsay Chladek, Micah Diele and Anders Jerner.

Three children of the dairy farm families who ship their milk to Hilmar in California will receive a scholarship: Kerstyn Staas will receive $1,500; Kimberly Azevedo and Kristin Alamo will each receive $1,000.

Ag majors not affiliated with Hilmar receiving scholarships are Tim Truax, Joseph Vincent and Emma Zacharias (each $1,000); and Trey Johnston, Tony Lopes, Kayli Perry, Kierstan Rhodes, Jordann Rose, Giana Amador, Brad Borges, Taylor Brass, Makenna Hanson and Rebecca Hobby (each $500).

Applications are available annually. Qualifying students are encouraged to apply Jan. 1-March 1. Visit www.hilmarcheese.com.


Toppenish, Wash., replacement auction

Dairy replacement sales results from Toppenish, Wash, on May 2:

Compared to last month at same market, Holstein Springer heifers steady to

$100 per head higher. Trade active with good demand.


Springer Holstein Heifers

Supreme: $2000-$2210

Approved: $1800-$2025

Medium: $1500-$1825


Springer Jersey Heifers

Supreme: $2000-$2300


Young Bred Cows (6-9 mos. bred) (3-5 yrs. old)

Supreme: $1600-$1725

Approved: $1150-$1250 Jerseys


Young Bred Cows (3-6 mos. bred) (3-5 yrs. old)

Approved: $1600-$1750


Young Bred Cows (1-3 mos. bred) (3-5 yrs. old)

Supreme: $1375-$1485, few $1875


Replacement Holstein Heifers

329-480 lbs.: $135-$154/cwt.

527-679 lbs.: $150-v170/cwt.

692-935 lbs.: $128-$144/cwt.

1141-1152 lbs.: $104-$106/cwt.


Replacement Jersey Heifers

314-332 lbs.: $575-$675/head

387-475 lbs.: $169-$180/cwt.

615-658 lbs.: $148-$158 /cwt.


Video/Internet auction

Compared to last month at the same sale, all classes steady to firm.

Trade active with good demand. All sales current FOB at the dairies located

in Washington-Oregon.


Springer Holstein Heifers

Supreme: $2010


Springer Jersey Heifers  

Supreme: $1975


Fresh Young Cows

Supreme: $2200-$2340


Jersey Fresh Young Cows

Supreme: $2220-2300 


Young Bred Cows (6-9 mos. bred) (3-5 yrs. old)

Supreme: $1950


Young Bred Cows (3-6 mos. bred) (3-5 yrs. old)

Supreme: $1760


Young Bred Cows (1-3 mos. bred) (3-5 yrs. old)

Supreme: $1535


Replacement Holstein Heifers

730 lbs.: $174/cwt.



Upper Midwest weekly hay market

Data compiled by Ken Barnett, University of Wisconsin-Extension and posted on the UW-Extension Team Forage website. All hay prices quoted are dollars per ton FOB point of origin for alfalfa hay unless otherwise noted.

Compared to the previous week, small square bale prices were up 15%.; large square bale prices were down 9%; and large round bale prices were steady. Sales activity was very light to active.

For Nebraska, hay prices were steady on limited alfalfa hay sales. There was light to moderate demand and hay movement this week. Hay and forage supplies were rated at 85 percent adequate. Almost all alfalfa and pastures continue to be slow to take off and grow.

For Iowa, hay prices were steady on very limited alfalfa hay sales on light test. There have been a lot of calls regarding new-crop hay prices, but most producers are not pricing until the hay is cut and baled.

In South Dakota, hay prices were $28.30 higher. There was light to moderate demand. Alfalfa fields are greening and beginning to grow now after rain in much of the trade area. Buyers of hay are only buying on a hand-to-mouth basis. There was very little reported trade this week as sellers are having a hard time moving hay at their asking prices. Winterkill of alfalfa is reported as light throughout the area.

For Missouri, alfalfa hay prices were steady on very limited alfalfa hay sales. The hay supply is moderate with light demand.

In Southwest Minnesota, hay prices were $33.35 lower.

The demand for Illinois hay was good to very good, with moderate to active sales activity. Hay offerings were light. Hay prices were $2.90 higher.

For Wisconsin, hay prices were $1.80 higher on active trading at a quality-tested hay auction in Fennimore.

Straw prices in the Midwest averaged $3.71 per small square bale (range of $3.00 to $5.00); $42.15 per large square bale (range of $23.00 to $60.00); and $34.00 per large round bale (range of $15.00 to $50.00). Compared to the previous week, straw prices for small square bales were 7% lower. For large square bales, prices were 7% higher. For large round bales, prices were 15% lower.