CWT assists with 5.8 million lbs. of cheese and butter export sales

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) accepted 23 requests for export assistance from Dairy Farmers of America, Foremost Farms USA, Land O’Lakes, and Tillamook County Creamery Association to sell 4.791 million lbs. of cheddar, Gouda and Monterey Jack cheese, and 1.032 million lbs. of 82% butter to customers in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and South Pacific. The product will be delivered in February through June 2014.

Year-to-date, CWT has assisted member cooperatives in selling 25.329 million lbs. of cheese, 7.276 million lbs. of butter and 698,865 lbs. of whole milk powder to 19 countries on four continents. These sales are the equivalent of 397.8 million lbs. of milk on a milkfat basis.


National Dairy Products Sales Report weekly highlights

USDA’s weekly National Dairy Products Sales Report indicated Grade AA butter prices averaged $1.84/lb. for the week ending Feb. 22, down 2.2¢ from the previous week.
U.S. 40-lb. block cheddar cheese averaged $2.26/lb., down 6.7¢ from the previous week. The price for 500-lb. cheddar barrels, adjusted to 38% moisture, averaged $2.25/lb., down 7.4¢.

USDA Extra Grade dry whey averaged 63.5¢/lb., up 0.6¢.
USDA Extra Grade nonfat dry milk averaged $2.08/lb., up 0.6¢ from the previous week.


California NFDM prices

The weekly nonfat dry milk powder report has been posted to the California Department of Food & Agriculture Dairy Marketing Branch website.

For the week ending Feb. 21, the average price was $2.0429/lb. on total sales of 6.51 million lbs.

For the week ending Feb. 14, the average price was $2.0360/lb. on total sales of 8.12 million lbs.


Turlock Livestock Auction Yard

Dairy replacement sales results from Turlock, Calif., on Feb. 21:


#1 Hol Springers: $1700-$2075

#2 Hol Springers: $1300-$1675

# 1 Jer Springers: $1400-$1650

# 1 Jer x Springers: $1200-$1600


Holstein Bred Heifers (bred 5-6 mos.)



Holstein Open Heifers

7 Hd. 745 lbs @ $1035

7 Hd. 668 lbs. @ $910

9 Hd. 647 lbs. @ $835


Jersey Open Heifers

6 Hd. 399 lbs. @ $760

7 Hd. 334 lbs. @ $650


Sulphur Springs Dairy Action

Dairy replacement sales results from Sulphur Spring, Texas, on Feb. 20:

Fresh cows: $1400-$2025

Holstein Springers: $1400-$1850

Breeding age heifers: $700-$1000

Small heifers: $310-$600

Heifer calves: $75-$300


Mammoth Cave Dairy Auction

Dairy replacement sales results from Smiths Grove, Ky., on Feb. 25:

(Holsteins (supreme and approved, unless otherwise noted:

Springers (2-3 years old, 5-8 months bred): $1375-$2250

Short Bred (2-3 years old, 1-4 months bred): not tested

Fresh cows (2-4 years old): $1425-$2250


Open Heifers:

200-300 lbs.: $260-$400

300-400 lbs.: $320-$500

400-500 lbs.:  $400-$740

500-600 lbs.:  $540-$760

600-700 lbs.: $630-$890

700-800 lbs.: $790-$940


Holstein heifers calves (small): 75-105 per head

(Medium and large: 130-210 per head


Idaho Producers Livestock Marketing Association

Dairy replacement sales results from Jerome, Ida., on Feb. 18:

Springers (top 150): $1900 with top of $2190

Short bred: $1060-$1270

Open heifers (500-600 lbs.): $150/cwt.

(700-800 lbs.): $123-$131/cwt.

Next dairy sale is March 5