January fluid sales down

January 2014 packaged fluid milk sales totaled 4.54 billion lbs., down 0.5% from January 2013.

January sales of conventional products, at 4.34 billion lbs., were down 1.1%; organic products, at 197 million lbs., were up 13.5%. Organic represented about 4.3% of total sales for the month.

Source: Dairy Market News


Cattle on feed down 1%

Cattle and calves on feed for slaughter market in U.S. feedlots with capacity of 1,000 or more head totaled 10.8 million head on March 1, 1% less than a year earlier. February placements totaled 1.65 million head (1.58 million net), up 15% from a year earlier. February fed cattle marketings totaled 1.55 million, down 3%.

Source: USDA


Cold storage inventories 

Feb. 28 butter stocks totaled 163.67 million lbs., up 20% from Jan. 31, but 31% less than February 2013, according to USDA’s Cold Storage report, released March 21. Total natural cheese stocks, at 1.01 billion lbs., were unchanged from January, but down 6% from February 2013. American cheese, at 628.1 million lbs., was unchanged from January, but 5% less than a year earlier.


Next ‘Protecting Your Profits’ LGM-Dairy conference call is March 26

Pennsylvania's Center for Dairy Excellence will host the next “Protecting Your Profits” conference call on Wednesday, March 26, 12-12:15 p.m. Alan Zepp, risk management program manager, will provide a quick review of dairy markets and margins. The call will include a brief review of risk management opportunities available and a review of the new farm bill margin protection program.

Anyone can participate in the free monthly conference call series, but pre-registration is required. To register, call the center at 717-346-0849 with name, phone number, and e-mail address. Once registered, participants will receive the call-in number and information.

In addition to participating live, calls are hosted in a webinar format and recorded, available for later viewing. Past Protecting Your Profits calls can be accessed at www.centerfordairyexcellence under “Dairy Information.”

For more details about the monthly conference call learning series, contact the Center for Dairy Excellence at 717-346-0849 or by e-mail at info@centerfordairyexcellence.org.


New Holland Sales Stables

Dairy replacement sales results from New Holland, Pa. on March 19:

 Compared to last week, dairy cows sold mostly 100.00-

200.00 higher. Demand was very good. Heifers traded mostly

weak on a light test. Demand was good. Prices are for Holsteins on a per head basis.


Fresh Cows: $2000-$3000                   

Bred Cows (1-3 months): $1550-$1870

Springing Cows: (7-9 months): $1650-$1950


Springing Heifers: (7-9 months): $1600-$2100

Bred Heifers: (4-6 months): $1625-$1900

Short Bred Heifers: (1-3 months): $1375-$1500


Open Heifers:

300-600 lbs: $550-$700

600-900 lbs: $800-$1025

900-1200 lbs: $1125-$1375


Mammoth Cave Dairy Auction

Dairy replacement sales results from Smiths Grove, Ky., on Mar. 18:

(Holsteins (supreme and approved, unless otherwise noted:

Springers (2-3 years old, 5-8 months bred): $1425-$1925

Short Bred (2-3 years old, 1-4 months bred): $1225-$1500

Fresh cows (2-4 years old): $1425-$1500      


Open Heifers:

300-400 lbs.: $350-$385

400-500 lbs.: $435-$685              

500-600 lbs.: $500-$785

600-700 lbs.: $775-$810

700-800 lbs.: $760-$985                   


Holstein heifers calves (small): 80-115 per head

(Medium and large): 135-230 per head


Missouri Producers Auction Yards

Dairy replacement sales results from Norwood, Mo. on March 13:

Demand was good. Supply was Moderate. Prices are for Holsteins on a per head basis.


Fresh Cows: $1275-$1675                   

Bred Cows (1-3 months): $1475-$1550

Springing Heifers: (7-9 months): $1375-$2125; crossbreds $1200-$1475

Bred Heifers: (4-6 months): $1325-$1875

Short Bred Heifers: (1-3 months): $1225-$1475; crossbreds $1325-$1375


Open Heifers:

200-300 lbs: $310-$450

300-400 lbs.: $575-$625

400-500 lbs.: $600-$700

600-700 lbs: $875

700-800 lbs: $890-$1175


Heifer calves: $130-$270; crossbreds: $135-$290