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Daily Cash Trading on Monday, April 7, 2014





















Turlock Livestock Auction Yard

Dairy replacement sales results from Turlock, Calif., on April 4:


#1 Hol Springers: $1800-$2425

#2 Hol Springers: $1400-$1775

# 1 Jer Springers: $1500-$1925

# 1 Jer x Springers: $1200-$2225


Holstein Bred Heifers

Bred 5-6 mos.: $1825

Bred 3-4 mos.: $1650-$1735

Bred 1-3 mos.: $1475


Holstein Open Heifers

No test


Idaho Producers Livestock Marketing Association

Dairy replacement sales results from Jerome, Ida., on April 2:

Springers (top 150): $1840 with top of $2300

Short bred: $1100-$1490

Open heifers

   (400-500 lbs.): $140-$160/cwt.

   (500-800 lbs.): $122-$155/cwt.


Toppenish, Wash.

Dairy replacement sales results from Toppenish, Wash, on April 4:

Compared to last month at same market, Holstein Springer heifers were $150-

$200/head higher. Trade active with good demand.

Young bred cows (bred 3-6 months): $1710-$1905

     (bred 6-9 months): $1300-$1725

Springing Heifers: (7-9 months): $1600-$2175

Open Holstein heifers:

440 lbs: $168/cwt.

498-769 lbs: $130-$140/cwt.


Open Jersey heifers:

306 lbs: $227/cwt.

372 lbs: $194/cwt.

422 lbs: $220/cwt.

502 lbs: $163/cwt.

625 lbs: $151/cwt.


Midwest milk-feed price ratios steady

Thanks to relatively lower alfalfa hay prices compared to the national average, preliminary average Midwest dairy producer milk-feed price ratios were better than their national counterparts in March 2014.

The March index was mostly steady with February across five Midwest states (Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin), according to Dairy Market News. Ratios ranged from a high of 2.82 in Ohio to a low of 2.67 in Michigan and Wisconsin. The national average for March was 2.58.

The  index – representing pounds of 16% commercially mixed dairy feed equal in value to 1 lb. of whole milk – is based on current prices for a ration of 51% corn/8% soybeans/41% alfalfa hay.

Average alfalfa hay prices were $1 to $21 per ton below the national average of $191/ton in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.


Organic advertised prices analyzed

The U.S. weighted average advertised price of organic milk half gallons was $3.60, up 41¢ from the last reported period, according to the latest Dairy Market News. One year ago the national average price was $3.59/half gallon.

The price range increased by 50¢ at the top, to $4.99, but remained unchanged at the bottom, $2.79. The highest advertised price, $4.99 was in the Northeast, while the lowest advertised price was in the South Central region

Conventional milk half gallons have an average advertised price of $1.53. As a result, the conventional-organic price spread is $2.07, the highest of the year. Last year at this time the price spread was $1.55.

The national weighted average advertised price for organic gallons was $5.95, down 15¢ from the last reporting period. One year ago the weighted average advertised price was $5.37. Ads appeared only in the Midwest, with all ads averaging $5.89/gallon; and the Southwest, with all ads averaging $5.98/gallon.


Russia bans Ukrainian dairy imports from six companies

(Reuters) Russia's consumer protection agency said it had suspended imports from six Ukrainian dairy producers, the latest sign of worsening trade relations between the two countries since Russia annexed Crimea. Rospotrebnadzor said in a statement it had found that the products violated dairy regulations after conducting laboratory tests.


Ohio-based Velvet Ice Cream expands into Louisville

Velvet Ice Cream is expanding its marketing territory to include Louisville, Ky. and surrounding areas. The expansion includes adding 400 new food service, convenience and specialty grocery partners. Utica, Ohio-based Velvet Ice Cream produces and distributes 5 million gallons of ice cream a year. It is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2014. Visit