Idaho Nutrient Management Conference is March 6

Registration for the Idaho Nutrient Management Conference is now open. The conference will be held on March 6,  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Stone House & Company catering facility, Twin Falls, Idaho. Topics include:

• Updates on Nutrient Management from state and federal agencies, and educational institutions (UI, EPA, ISDA, IDEQ, and NRCS).

• Dual purpose cover crops - Christi Falen and Lauren Hunter

• Idaho cover crops calculator - Amber Moore

• On-farm evaluation of two liquid dairy manure application methods to reduce odor and ammonia emissions - Lide Chen

• Video: Dairy manure application using a drag hose and sub-surface injection system - Mario de Haro and Lide Chen

• Macro mineral nutrition (Na, K, Mg, Ca) of dairy cows and it's impact on nutrient excretion - Rick Norell and Mireille Chahine

• Composting of dairy manure and grape vine pruning's using three different composting techniques - Mario de Haro

• Winter wastewater lagoon and slurries management - Howard Neibling

• Field test for measuring active carbon as a soil quality indicator - Mir Seyedbagheri

• Influence of recent acidification on soil phosphorous extraction and sorption - Kyle Bair

• Improving UI nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for corn through field research studies - David Tarkalson and Steve Hines

• Enhanced efficiency fertilizer products - Chad Cheyney

• Proactive nitrogen management in agriculture - UI Extension

 • A poster session will include posters presenting the latest and ongoing research, educational opportunities, and Extension trends related to nutrient management.

The registration fee is $40 before Feb. 25; $50 after Feb. 25.

For a flyer and registration information, visit:


Electronic livestock reporting option under discussion in Washington

Rep. Kathy Haigh (D-Shelton) has sponsored HB 2625, which calls for a stakeholder discussion to develop an electronic option for reporting the in-state sale of livestock in Washington. As currently operated, the brand inspection program involves a brand inspector making a site visit and inspection, recording information, and then entering that information in the Department of Agriculture (WSDA) database.

The bill calls for the director of WSDA to develop a proposed policy option or options for achieving the goal of electronically reporting intrastate transfers of ownership of livestock by producers as a means to increase participation in the animal disease traceability program.

In recent surveys, 92% of dairy producers said they would use an electronic reporting option.


Proposed rule could give river ‘right’ to water

Washington’s Department of Ecology has proposed development of a rule to protect and preserve water in streams for "instream resources," including fish, wildlife, recreational uses, wastewater management and hydropower. The instream flow rule will also give the river a water right, much like we give individuals, farms and municipalities, according to the Washington State Dairy Federation.

The rule will apply to the mainstem of the Spokane River and that portion of Spokane County within the boundary of the Spokane Valley Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. Once an instream flow is set, the Department of Ecology could use the rule as a regulatory flow threshold to determine whether there is water to withdraw for new uses, while still protecting fish and other instream resources. 
Ecology's process for developing a rule includes gathering input from affected stakeholders and the public and following the steps for rule adoption set in state law.

Source: Washington State Dairy Federation


Washington survey seeks dairy producer insights on climate change

The Washington State University Livestock Nutrient Management Program is asking the state's dairy producers to answer online survey questions related to climate change and dairy management steps to address it.

Responses are anonymous (unless you wish to give your name and contact information at the end if you would like a response). The survey is 14 questions, and takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. To participate, click on "WA Dairy Adaptation Survey." 

Source: Washington State Dairy Federation


Pacific Northwest ‘Women in Ag’ conference scheduled

A Women in Agriculture Conference will be held March 15 at multiple locations in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Last year nearly 500 women at 20 locations heard a national speaker offer practical advice on improving farming skills, marketing, labor issues and work-life balance. Financial information and networking with each other about challenges and risks was valuable to everyone who attended.

Email (or call 509.745.8531) for updates and details on our upcoming conference.


Nutrient Management 590 changes impact winter manure applications

The Washington state office of Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) released a set of changes to the Nutrient Management 590 Standard, including prohibition of any winter manure applications.

The proposal prohibits applications of manure between Oct. 15 and a date calculated in the spring called TSum 200 – a date after Jan. 1 each year when the sum of average daily air temperatures reaches a value of 200 (in Celsius). This standard will apply to producers who update their farm plan or are or have applied for cost share from NRCS.

Source: Washington State Dairy Federation