Weekly dairy cow slaughter under federal inspection

Week ending Aug. 2: 50,200 head

Year-to-date (YTD) 2014: 1,657,900 head

YTD compared to same period 2013: -195,200 head

Highlights: For the week, 29% came from USDA Zone 5 (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH & WI); 25% came from USDA Zone 9 (AZ, CA, HI & NV).

Source: USDA Weekly Cow Slaughter Report


June dairy consumption increases

Based on dairy statistics from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service and Foreign Agricultural Service, total dairy consumption for June was higher than last year.

Total cheese consumption was reported at 966.7 million lbs., up 35.5 million lbs. (3.8%) from the prior year. Higher consumption is attributed to a 32.2% increase in exports and a 2% increase in domestic consumption from the prior year.

Despite a decrease of 30.4% in domestic consumption of nonfat dry milk (NFDM)/skim milk powder, total consumption was supported by a 26% year-over-year increase in exports to 191.3 million lbs., up 2.5 million lbs. (1.3%) from a year ago.

Total butter consumption was reported at 148 million lbs., up 3 million lbs. (2.1%) from the prior year.

The main driver in overall higher consumption was a 7-million lb. (5.1%) increase in domestic consumption. June butter exports declined 3.6 million lbs. (21.2%) from the prior year.

Source: Dairy Farmers of America


New Holland Sales Stables

Dairy replacement sales results from New Holland, Pa. on Aug. 13. Compared to last week, dairy cows sold mostly steady on a light test. Demand was moderate. Bred heifers sold mostly firm compared to a light test last week. Demand was good. Trade was active. Wednesday's supply included 77 fresh milking cows, 18 springing cows, 11 short bred cows, 118 springing heifers, 315 short bred heifers, 260 open heifers and 11 bulls. All sales Holsteins sold on a per head basis unless otherwise noted.


Fresh cows

Supreme: 2400-2800

Approved: 1800-2350

Medium: 1400-1750

Common: 1100-1375


Springing cows (7-9 months)

Supreme: 1950-2250 Few

Approved: 1450-1750


Bred Cows: (4-6 months)

Approved: 1525-1650 Few


Short Bred Cows: (1-3 months)

Approved: 1500-1550 Few


Springing heifers (7-9 months)

Supreme: 2100-2350

Approved: 1700-2000

Medium: 1400-1600

Common: 1100-1150


Bred heifers (4-6 months)      

Supreme: 2000-2325

Approved: 1800-1975

Medium: 1550-1700

Common: 1100-1400


Short bred heifers (1-3 months)

Supreme: 2000-2200

Approved: 1500-1825

Medium: 1200-1400


Open Heifers


600-900 lbs 1275-1300

900-1200 lbs 1375-1425

1200-1500 lbs 1650 Individual



300-600 lbs 775-800

600-900 lbs 1050-1200

900-1200 lbs 1200-1350

1200-1500 lbs 1275-1400



300-600 lbs 575-725

600-900 lbs 950-1010

900-1200 lbs 1010-1175