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Turlock Livestock Auction Yard

Results from a special Invitational Fresh Heifer Sale held at Turlock, Calif., on June 4:

The top Holstein female was consigned by Migliazzo Dairy, Merced, fetching $5,100.

#1 Fresh cows: 2500-3000

#1 Fresh heifers: 2500-4000


Turlock Livestock Auction Yard

Dairy replacement sales results from Turlock, Calif., on June 6:


#1 Hol Springers: $1900-$2550

#2 Hol Springers: $1400-$1875

# 1 Jer Springers: $1800-$2125

# 1 Jer x Springers: $1500-$2100


Holstein bred heifers

8 Bred 6-7 mos @ $ 2300

45 Bred 4-5 mos @ $ 2075

21 Bred 2-3 mos @ $ 1775


Holstein open heifers

4 Hd. 455 lbs @ $ 750

24 Hd. 552 lbs @ $ 985

60 Hd. 676 lbs @ $ 1100

76 Hd. 797 lbs @ $ 1250


Jersey bred heifers

4 Hd. Bred 4 mos. @ $ 1625


Jersey open heifers

28 Hd. 421 lbs @ $ 960

40 Hd. 505 lbs @ $ 1150

24 Hd. 552 lbs @ $ 1185


Winter impacted 1Q restaurant visits

Total first-quarter 2014 restaurant visits dipped, but delivery and other areas got a boost, according to The NPD Group, a leading global information company. Traffic to total restaurants declined by 1% in the first quarter (January-March) but delivery orders increased by 4%.

Areas of the restaurant industry that have been struggling to increase visits for a while were further hampered by harsh weather in the first quarter. Visits to family dining (midscale) and casual dining restaurants, both of which have been challenged by long-term traffic declines, dropped in the quarter compared to year ago by 4% and 2% respectively. Core lunch and supper business declined across all restaurant segments, and young adults, ages 25-49, continued cutting back on restaurant visits.

A positive effect of the extreme (cold and hot) weather conditions this past winter were double-digit increases in hot tea, hot chocolate, and frozen/slushy coffee servings. Additionally, quick service coffee, donut, and bagel restaurants that serve these drinks saw traffic increase by 5% compared to the winter quarter of 2013, according to NPD’s foodservice market research, which tracks daily how consumers use restaurants and other foodservice outlets.

Source: The NPD Group, Inc.


Beef remains top protein in foodservice

Beef experienced significant volume growth in the past year and continues to be a mainstay on the menu, according to the 2013 Usage and Volumetric Assessment of Beef in Foodservice report, proprietary research from the Beef Checkoff Program.

The annual survey of protein purchasing executives showed that beef remains the No. 1 protein in foodservice – in volume, in market share and in the dollars it brings to operations. Specific findings include:

• In the last year, the pounds of beef sold in foodservice increased by 79 million lbs. to a total volume of 8 billion lbs..

• Beef represents about one-third (32%) of the total protein market share in foodservice.

• 97% of restaurant operators feature beef on the menu.

• Volume was up in every major beef category across the board, including steaks, roasts, ribs, ground beef and pre-cooked roast beef.

• Since 2009, beef represents the largest pound increase of any protein, totaling 178 million lbs.

• Beef growth has outpaced growth of the foodservice industry over the past 5 years.

The annual Usage and Volumetric Assessment of Beef in Foodservice is conducted by Technomic on behalf of the Beef Checkoff Program. It evaluates the penetration of beef usage in various foodservice segments and the sales of beef in pounds and dollars. Respondents included protein purchasing executives within 180 of the Top 250 restaurant chains, representing $41 billion of 2012 foodservice industry sales.

Operators looking for more information on menuing beef can visit

Source: The Beef Checkoff Program