August 6 - Florida Dairy Business Conference - 10 AM to 5 PM - Marion County Extension Auditorium, Ocala. This event features information from specialists about the new Dairy Margin Protection Program; old Livestock Gross Margin - Dairy insurance; milk, soybean and corn market updates and predictions; and time for the audience to ask Dr. Joe Outlaw, Dr. John Van Sickle and Calvin Covington how to most profitably use all that information.  In addition there will be a Manager's Panel discussing hiring, training and evaluating employees and economic information about raising corn crops.  There is a $10 registration fee for those who pre-register; $15 at the door.
The day's finale will be a summary of the  Employee Compensation Survey.  Ever wonder how much dairy employees are being paid around the state of Florida?   Dairy producers, whether you plan to attend the Dairy Business Conference or not, your information will make the survey all the more valuable for you and others. (To complete the survey, contact Mary Sowerby at A summary will be presented at the Florida Dairy Business Conference and in writing in the next UF Dairy Update newsletter.  Please send your survey back to Mary Sowerby or bring it with you to the conference. 
August 19 (4 PM to 8 PM) and August 20 (10 AM to 2 PM) - South Georgia/North Florida English/Spanish Dairy Milkers' Workshop - starting at Brooks County Ag Center, Quitman, GA and concluding at Brooksco Dairy, Quitman.  If you'd like your milkers to better understand the hows and whys of milking to maximize production and minimize mastitis, please register them for this free workshop.  Dr. Steve Nickerson (UGA) and Jonael Bosques (UFL) will be presenting the same material in different classrooms in English and Spanish.  The workshop times are different on both days to accommodate the most milkers.  
August 21 - Calving and Newborn Workshop - Derisso Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville - 10 AM -to 2:30 PM -  This workshop is designed to improve calving success of Florida dairies.  Taught by Dr. Gustavo Scheunneman (Ohio State University) and Dr. Klibs Galvao (UF), there will be both classroom and hands-on instruction to minimize calving losses from dystocia (difficult births).  Class size is limited 25, in order of registration receipt.  There is a registration fee of $30 which will easily be covered by the first calf saved by this instruction.  Anyone who works with dairy maternity should seriously plan to attend this workshop.  Spanish translation will be available.

Reese Burdette and Patricia Stiles (Mom) Update: July 20th

Once again we can attest to the roller coaster ride this has been. On Friday, we were all so excited as Mom made her way home, to Waverly, for the first time since the fire on May 26th. While we were overjoyed with this event, Reese had a rough morning. In true Reese fashion, she pulled through a very scary Friday morning just beautifully. This little girl just never ceases to amaze us! After a huge scare for all of us, Reese bounced back and is doing great today. Reese's doctors feel she needs to be tested some to see what she can do, so today, they started weaning her ECMO back and so far, though it's only 15% on her own, she is handling it just fine. Getting her off of ECMO is what we all have our sites please pray for Reese to handle this weaning process and for her lungs to begin working on their own. As if this wasn't enough, Mom visited Reese for the first time. Reese's nurses had her room looking better than ever, all of her stuffed animal and pictures and gifts were placed just perfectly. Reese's hair was braided in two fresh braids and she had purple bows in her hair. The nurses and doctors that are usually bustling around in her room all stayed back as MiMi made her way to the bedside. What an emotional day but beautiful day. Mom (MiMi as the grand kids call her) talked with Reese and told her it was time to breath, and heal, and get well so we can all laugh and play soon. We like to think that Reese heard her because Reese has had a great day and had a very promising x- ray this evening. We hope to make big improvements this week with Reese...we just want her to heal so we can see her smile again soon. Mom is all settled in at the farm and is also improving daily. She shows us her strength daily and proves to us she can handle most anything. Please continue your prayers this week...we pray for forward progress with Reese's lungs, we pray Mom gets stronger everyday and we pray for the families and friends supporting us to stay strong too.