The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has reconsidered permits for the Richfield Dairy and will allow the dairy to proceed with imposed conditions.

The DNR re-evaluated the dairy’s permit following a study by hydro geologist George Kraft which showed how groundwater would be affected by the $35 million dairy farm in Adams County. The DNR decided to approve the permits but conditions are in place to protect groundwater and local waterways.

The dairy, owned by Milk Source Holdings, will be required to install groundwater monitoring wells, a leak detection system and more conditions on spreading manure and process wastewater. The DRN will also limit the dairy’s monthly and annual groundwater withdrawals.

Two high-capacity wells used by the dairy are approved to use up to 600,000 gallons of water per day and cannot exceed 720,000 gallons per day. Studies by the agency show the wells could reduce water levels in the area, taking as much as 2 inches from nearby Pleasant Lake.

In a statement, Jim Ostrom, a partner in Milk Source, said:

“Our permit application has received an extraordinary amount of scrutiny and review. We know we have met and exceeded all the standards to have a dairy that will be one of the most environmentally friendly dairies not only in Wisconsin but in the country.”

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Source: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel