The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports the Wisconsin of Department of Natural Resources is reconsidering high capacity well permits for the proposed 4,300-cow dairy due to its potential effect on local water supplies.

The creation of additional high capacity wells for the proposed Richfield Dairy near Coloma, Wisc. is concerning to neighboring residents. Initially the DNR determined groundwater pumping by the dairy would not affect local water conditions, but a test by a University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point hydrologist showed the wells would harm water supplies.  

Hydrologist George Kraft of UW-Stevens Point studied the groundwater in the region and concluded the dairy’s two proposed wells would draw up to 500 gallons of water per minute and streams closest to the wells would see up to a 10 percent reduction in groundwater.

Bill Harke, spokesman for the dairy, remains confident the dairy will receive all the necessary permits.

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Source: The Green Bay Press-Gazette