Dairy Council of California CEO Tammy Anderson-Wise will join representatives from GENYOUth Foundation, Jamba Juice, University of San Francisco, collaborating partners and other state and local wellness experts for a Town Hall meeting to address child health in the school environment and the community.

The Town Hall meeting aims to accomplish three things- support better learning, reinforce schools as the focal point for action and get help for schools.

The Town Hall meeting, titled "Changing Courses: Community Leadership to Advance School Wellness," will be held Nov. 7 in San Francisco, Calif..

According to Alexis Glick, GENYOUth Foundation CEO, this Town Hall series "is about bringing together a diverse group of top minds, including local businesses, education, health, government, and the critical perspective of student leaders, to facilitate dialogue in local communities about school wellness, and to focus on key solutions."

As a long-term partner with California educators and health and wellness professionals, Dairy Council of California brings grassroots experience to the Town Hall series.

"Our nutrition education programs are used in about 75 percent of the elementary schools in California, and our staff of Community Nutrition Advisers have worked hand in hand with schools to help develop and implement local school wellness policies," said Anderson-Wise. "California's dairy farmers and milk processors have a near century-long commitment to community health through Dairy Council of California's nutrition education programs and we're excited to see other groups join the Town Hall, bringing even more support to schools."

"Together, we can make a difference," said GENYOUth's Glick. "The ultimate goal is to generate actionable steps to get kids eating better and moving more at school. Schools cannot succeed alone, but with initiatives such as our flagship program, Fuel Up to Play 60, we can empower and support students and schools to make positive changes. Fuel Up to Play 60, the nation's largest in-school wellness program created by the National Football League and National Dairy Council, which is funded by America's dairy farmers, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, emphasizes how improved nutrition, especially school breakfast, and increased physical activity can help academic achievement. The broader community including business leaders, health professionals, community organizers, parents and students themselves must work together to effect change and improve children's health."

Available free to educators statewide, Dairy Council of California nutrition education lesson plans align to U.S. Department of Agriculture Dietary Guidelines, promote physical activity and align with Common Core State Standards.

Every K-12 program teaches the importance of breakfast for academic achievement and offers individualized and actionable advice for students and parents based on recommendations from USDA's MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines.

Furthermore, each program instills the importance of eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains as well as why consuming milk and milk products is essential to a healthy diet.

Additional Town Halls will take place throughout the fall and next spring in Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Colo., Indianapolis, Ind., New York, N.Y., and St. Louis, Mo. with support from a list of blue chip partners that includes the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, Cardinal Health, the NFL, the NFL Players Association, State and Regional Dairy Council organizations, UnitedHealthcare and others.